Mesa News Today – Week of July 25

This week’s newsletter:

Feature story:

Power Square Mall in Mesa is being upcycled by local small businesses

This is big news in the East Valley for what once was a dying mall. MARKETPLACE 42 along with about a dozen vintage and antique shops have revitalized the mall on the SE corner of Power and Baseline in Mesa transforming it to a year-round home decor and furniture shopping experience featuring all local artisans!
MARKETPLACE 42 specializes in handcrafted decor, upcycled furniture and offers fun classes in craft making and furniture painting workshops!
Along with MARKETPLACE 42 located just inside entry 2, Power Square Mall now features mom & pop small businesses such as Sweet Repeats 2, Moondust Farms, Buckhorn Vintage, Catalina Antiques, Found Again Mercantile, The Eclectic Ladybug, Five and Dime Vintage, Blue Barn, East Valley Antiques and more!
Power Square Mall is now better than all the home decor events admission fees, cool indoor venue, ample parking, and shopping year round! This East Valley mall is now a destination point again! Check it out!!


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