Why Mesa News Today?

It’s been nine months since I started Mesa News Today. So why am I doing this?

First, I moved to Mesa with my family in 1970 and have lived here ever since. I love Mesa!

And not only did I grow up here, get married and raise my three children here, but I’ve got other ties to this city.

I started my journalism career at the daily newspaper, The Mesa Tribune, in 1985. I’ve also worked at Independent Newspapers, covering Mesa as a reporter, photographer and News Services Editor. I’m now in my seventh year teaching journalism as a part-time associate faculty member at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Last year I attended the Mesa Leadership Program and documented my journey on a blog and through a series of articles in The Arizona Republic. After that experience was over I understood even better how much is going on in this city of ours and how much Mesa has to offer. But I was frustrated by the LACK of local news coverage. The Arizona Republic has a great reporter covering Mesa government, but only one for a city with a population of nearly a half a million people! ABC15 covers a bit of police news each week with a few other pieces now and then. Others, like the East Valley Tribune and Mesa Independent, offer a little weekly coverage. But in Arizona’s third largest city (and 38th in the nation) I thought we could do better. I think we all want MORE news about what’s going on in our community. It’s important to be informed and we can enjoy living here more when we know what’s going on.

So I started MESA NEWS TODAY. It is designed to curate Mesa news from any and all sources. We also provide original content. It is released as an email newsletter once a week. Please sign up to get the FREE weekly newsletter delivered right to your inbox by sending an email request to MesaNewsToday@gmail.com.

My blog is now www.MesaNewsToday.com. You can find the weekly newsletter here as well as all back issues and other interesting posts concerning Mesa news and events.

The Facebook page Mesa News Today has daily updates. We now have more than 550 followers and growing every day! This is a good place for breaking news and current events. You may have heard that Facebook is changing the way you see NEWS in your news feed. So if you want to continue to see Mesa NEWS and EVENTS from MESA NEWS TODAY, click on this page and under “Following” click on “SEE FIRST” in your news feed and notifications “ON” and that’s all you have to do to continue to get great local coverage of your community!

On Twitter? Follow us @MesaNewsToday.

If you like Mesa News Today, please let your family, friends and coworkers know. As we gain more followers and views we can expand and grow our coverage.

Thanks for being here and being a part of our great community! Stay informed! Life is more fun that way!

Jill Bishop Adair




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