UPDATE: Greenfield Park Urban Fishing Lake and Playground Renovation

Mesa News Today EXCLUSIVE:

The Greenfield Park Urban Fishing Lake and Playground Renovation project began November 2016 and city workers are busy transforming the park at 4105 E. Diamond Ave. in Mesa.

West end of Greenfield Park (photo by Jill Adair)

Phase 1 is underway at the west end of the park, which has been fenced off since the beginning of the construction (shown above). The fishing lake is being greatly expanded (see site plan below) and other improvements are being made to the park.


Phase 2 is beginning with the rest of the park fenced off. This will include a new playground, shade structure, parking lot improvements and a restroom building.  (See how the park is fenced off below in two phases.)


The new playground will look similar to this, with the same color scheme:


The entire project is slated for completion in fall 2017.

This park renovation, along with 17 other park projects, is paid for through a $70 million Bond Program Mesa votes approved Nov. 6, 2012. These projects will cost the average homeowner (based on average assessed property value) about $24.84 (annually) or $2.07 (monthly).

These 18 projects, plus infrastructure improvements in existing parks, include a variety of recreational assets such as youth and adult sports fields, open turf areas, playgrounds and trails.

For more information about these park projects, go to:






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