Last class: Learning about community healthcare and public safety

Our last Mesa Leadership class was Friday, April 1. No, not a joke!

We started our morning hearing from Mesa Police Department Chief John Meza. He says he leadership style is based on the idea that it’s all about “how you treat people.” And that should be with “respect and dignity, even the ‘bad guys.'”


We then got to see the K9 unit and learn about how the dogs are trained and how extraordinary they are in assisting police officers.


Did you know?

  • They are mostly males.
  • A police dog will work about eight or nine years before he retires.
  • He can run up to 30 mph.
  • Some wear protective vests.
  • Each costs about $10,000 (and come fully trained).


We heard from Mesa Fire and Medical Department Assistant Chief Mary Cameli.




She had a great presentation and talked about “the box” and how things are put inside our box when we are children (how we think about ourselves, etc.) and we have no control over that. Now, as adults, we can choose what we put in our box!

She also shared some great motivational videos with us:

Soccer Ugly: BYU vs. New Mexico:

Girls Softball: Central Washington vs Western Oregon:

Louis CK Everything is Amazing:

Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam:

We also heard about our upcoming graduation on May 6 from 2016 Mesa Leadership Chair Melissa Jones.


We heard about healthcare from Tracy Coulter of CIGNA.


And from Will Humble of the University of Arizona and former DHS director.


We took a tour of the Mesa Public Safety Training Facility in north Mesa.


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