Local Authors Donate Books to Boys & Girls Club

The outpouring of generosity has been INCREDIBLE from local authors who have offered to donate 10 copies of their books to the Mesa Boys & Girls Club. One of our goals as the Mesa Leadership Class 2016 was to provide at least 10 different books of 10 copies each for children and teens for book clubs and reading circles. We have had more than 200 copies of new books from local authors! Well beyond our goal!

Thank you! Thank you, authors! And for the rest of us, please support these amazing authors. Many have their websites linked or you can find their books on Amazon or at other online retailers.

Here’s what’s been donated:

Four books each from author Josie Monahan. The first book, “Writings of a Young Girl” was written between her sixth and ninth birthdays. The second, “The Grouch and the
Lovebug,” was written when she was 10. She has just turned 13 and recently appeared as a lead in Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miz. She has a beautiful voice and very talented, having written the book, lyrics and melodies to a musical based on “The Grouch.”


We received 10 copies of “Mary Elizabeth the Spotless Cow” by Dalvatore Barbera, as well as 30 temporary tattoos and bookmarks from Sweetles Press.


Author Angela Dawnell Chase donated 10 books copies of “The Confident Butterfly.” Go to her website at: www.discoveryourwings.net

Author Becca Leone donated 10 of her books “His Soul to Break” for young adults. For more on her books, go to:

http://www.beccaleone.com/ or http://www.rebeccaboschee.com/


Local author Victoria Kjos donated 10 of her books “Welcome to India.” Her website it:  http://victoriakjos.tateauthor.com/


 Local author Conrad J. Storad donated 10 books of “The Bat Book” and 10 books of the “Gator, Gator, Second Grader.” The author’s website is at: http://www.fivestarpublications.net/conradstorad/books
Three precious books from Hersch Altman, who survived the Nazi occupation. He said it is important to him that the generations continue to learn about the horrors of the holocaust. They are no longer in publication and these books are the last of them.


Carol Schultz donated 10 copies each of her books, “Cracker & Kurt’s Baseball Game” and “Sandy Brown’s Butterflies.”

Carol Schultz

Ten signed copies were donated from author Adam Baker, “Maury C. Moose and the Forest Noel.” Visit the author’s website at: www.maurycmoose.com

Adam Baker

 Received 10 books for the teenagers reading club from author Annette Mahon, “The Secret Admirer.”
Annette Mahon.jpg
Received 10 books for the teenagers reading club from R J McMillan, “Tell Me About Your God.” These interviews with ordinary people reveal extraordinary personal thoughts on religion, spirituality and the nature of existence. The book is available as an ebook in kindle format through Amazon Books, and paperback version through the author at rjmcmillan@cox.net. Follow him on Twitter at @RJMcMillan99.

R J McMillan

Received these children’s books today from Sandra Wardman, “Cody the Coyote.” Her website is: http://www.sandywardman.com
Sandra Wardman
David J Guidera, author of “A Perfect Christmas,” donated 10 books.
David J Guidera
Received 10 books, “Royal Priesthood,” 10 book markers and 20 CD’s of the book, “Adams In Your Courtyard,” from local author Leslie Carol.
Leslie Carol
Local author Rico Austin donated books today. His books are: “Arizona Is Where I Live,” “Mexico Got Lucky” and “My Bad Tequila.”
Rico Austin
Author Plynn Gutman not only donated a set of her book, “My Son Dave (the Duck),” to the Mesa Boys and Girls Club but she also made a presentation to the Discovery Children on Friday, Jan. 29. She encouraged them to read and write and the kids were very interested the storytelling and her book.
dave the duck
Author Plynn Gutman reads her book to the children.
Because of her international schedule and book tours Plynn Gutman will be also be donating 10 books of her “Your Journal Companion” and will give a workshop about journaling to the Boys & Girls Club children over the age of 10 on how to journal and will be donating pens and journals to all of them on April 21st from 4:15 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Children’s book author Nancy K. Arnold of Arizona donated 10 copies of her book, “Patriotic Pups.” Arnold has received the Arizona Book Award -Glyph Winner and was named three years in a row “Who’s Who of American Teachers.”
Nancy K Arnold
Author Nancy Arnold with Mesa Leadership class member Diane Cantile.
Children’s author Dani Miller donated 10 copies of her book, “Paxton and Mali Find Their Boat.” This is Miller’s book and her son, the star of the book.
These books have been delivered to the Mesa Boys and Girls Club and are already in the hands of the boys and girls to enjoy!
delivery to club
chamber donations2
Other books donated by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

chamber donations

Dropping off 214 donated used books.
book group2
The children enjoying their books in reading circles.

book group

Other supplies made possible from donations and gift cards from Target!


Other wonderful donations from a variety of people!


And there was A LOT more!!
A very special THANK YOU to Patti Oskvarek for all her hard work and efforts in heading up the book drive and supplies committee!

One thought on “Local Authors Donate Books to Boys & Girls Club

  1. Patti,
    TELL ME ABOUT YOUR GOD! by R J McMillan is no longer available from Xlibris (see postcard photo), it is available as an ebook in kindle format through Amazon Books, and paperback version through me at rjmcmillan@cox.net, also would you be able to post my Twitter account – @RJMcMillan99. Please keep me posted on the interview… am also willing to come for a Q&A if that’s something desired. Thanks so much!

    R J McMillan
    Cell: 480-212-2042

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