Mesa Licensing and Utilities: The City’s Business

It wasn’t the most glamorous tour but we did get a lot of information today during a two-hour visit to five areas within Mesa’s Business Services Department (Business Office, the Credit Services area, Regulatory Licensing/Licensing Enforcement, Payment Processing, and the Contact Center).

Our tour was directed by Tim Meyer, Business Services administrator.

1. The Business Office works with customers in person to get utilities turned on, turned off and answer any utility questions they may have. In addition, they answer billing questions, sell bus passes and take money for various city departments.

Did you know? There are six ways to pay your bill so you don’t have to go here!

2. Credit services works with customers to get payment arrangements, get more time to pay, etc. They also work return checks and various other credit type functions.


3. Regulatory licensing deals with all of the licensing for the city other than building permits, including liquor, bingo, fortune-telling, fireworks, and even a license if you want to film a movie here!


Did you know these movies were filmed in Mesa?

Stagecoach, 1939, with John Wayne
Used Cars, 1980 with Kurt Russell
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 1989 with Keanu Reeves
Vegas Vacation 2002, 1997 with Chevy Chase
Blue Collar Comedy Tour, 2002 with Jeff Foxworthy
Brave in the Attempt, 2003 featuring Special Olympics
Forget About It, 2004 with Burt Reynolds
The Kingdom, 2006 with Jaime Fox and Jennifer Garner

For more information and lots of licensing forms, visit:

4. Payment processing works all of the mail payments that come in via the United States Postal Service and handles all of the other miscellaneous payments that come in through the mail including mainly utility and tax payments. They also handle all of the third-party payments which includes all the banks like Bank of America Wells Fargo and etc. to process all of those electronic payments as well.

Our takeaway: Do automatic online bill pay!

5. The Contact Center handles all of the incoming phone calls and online requests dealing mainly with utility turn on turnoff requests and helping customers with more time to pay, but also appliance or bulk pick-up, trash barrel repair or replacement, Grass to Xeriscape rebate program, and security alarm permits. You might even ask them where to hold your 5-year-old’s birthday party!

A lot of city’s customer service agents telecommute so many of the cubicles at the Contact Center are empty.

For a list of all the things you can call the city about, go to:

For anything else you want to find out about the city of Mesa, visit:

Members of the Mesa Leadership class who attended this tour.
Members of the Mesa Leadership class who attended this tour.

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