Junior Achievement: Educating Young People on Economics

The Mesa Leadership Class toured Junior Achievement of Arizona Thursday afternoon, and while the facility is located in Tempe, it serves schools and students throughout Mesa.

Class members are given a tour of BizTown.
Class members are given a tour of BizTown. Photo by Michael Book.

What does this organization do? “Junior Achievement educates and inspires young people to value free enterprise and understand business and economics to improve the quality of their lives” (from the website).

Photo by Michael Book.
An impressive facility! Photo by Michael Book.

Established in 1957, how does JA accomplish its mission?  “By developing the desire in young people to value education and stay in school, by developing positive attitudes in young people toward work; and business and education partnerships that create a bridge between the classroom and the workplace” (from the website).

Class members taking "a ride" on the airplane in BizTown!
Class members taking “a ride” on the airplane in BizTown! Photo by Michael Book.
Vacations await!

Here’s a video to give you a better idea of what happens at Junior Achievement’s BizTown. Check it out! JA BizTown on AZ NBC Affiliate, KPNX Channel 12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW76xu9x3zQ&feature=youtu.be

Valley Metro is here too! Photo by Michael Book.

Did you know? JA lessons are taught at local schools by parent helpers or community volunteers. Volunteers need 2 hours of training, 30-45 minutes per lesson and complete 5-6 lessons.

“Throughout JA’s sequential and integrated kindergarten through grade 12 programs, students use information, apply basic skills, think critically, and solve complex problems to prepare them for life as adults” (from the website).

Did you know 48 Arizona kids drop out of school every day? JA works to keep them in school and planning for their future.

How can you get involved? Become a volunteer and teach a pre-planned class once a week for five weeks at a Mesa school. Volunteers are GREATLY needed at Hawthorne Elementary, Salk Elementary, Rhodes Jr. High and Skyline High School.

For more information or to volunteer, visit the website at http://www.jaaz.org/

Members of the Mesa Leadership class who attended this tour.
Members of the Mesa Leadership class who attended this tour.

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